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Hi there (Posted on 5 Jun) This is content. GREAT!

What is ranked choice voting? (Posted on 1 Jun) It's on the ballot this year, so we all should learn about it! Here's a pretty good story we foud that talks about RCV.   https://time.com/5718941/ranked-choice-voting/

Get the facts about vote by mail (Posted on 1 Jun) Here's a link to a report by the FEC about vote by mail. Give it a read...   https://www.fec.gov/resources/cms-content/documents/2020-05-27-ELW-Facts-About-Voting-by-Mail.pdf

Last night in Boston (Posted on 1 Jun) Here's a link to the story in the Boston Globe about what happened last night duringthe protests. https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/06/01/metro/clean-up-begins-boston-wakes-up-following-night-looting-violence/

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